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Skin Care Specialist

Fernando Bueso, M.D., P.A. and Francisco J. Bueso, M.D.

Family Medicine & OBGYNs located in Houston, TX

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your skin, comprehensive skin-care treatment can eradicate imperfections, ease uncomfortable symptoms, and improve your quality of life. At Fernando Bueso, M.D., P.A. and Francisco J. Bueso, M.D., in Houston, Texas, the highly experienced team uses skin care to treat common dermatological problems, including acne, eczema, lipomas, warts, and sun spots. To schedule an appointment, call the office and speak with a friendly staff member or book online today.

Skin Care

What is skin care?

Skin care is a branch of medicine focused on diagnosing, treating, and preventing dermatological problems. Skin is the body’s largest organ. It protects you from harmful invaders like viruses and bacteria, regulates temperature, and allows for sensations like touch, heat, and cold.

What conditions can skin care treat?

Fernando Bueso, M.D., P.A. and Francisco J. Bueso, M.D. provide skin care for several common problems, including:


Acne affects people of all ages, but it’s especially common in teenagers and young adults. Acne occurs when oil and dead skin cells clog your pores. This causes your skin to become red, oily, and irritated. There are several types of acne, including whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and pustules.


Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a chronic condition that causes your skin to itch and turn red. It usually occurs alongside asthma and hayfever. There’s no cure for eczema, but it’s possible to manage symptoms and prevent flare-ups.


A lipoma is a fatty lump or bump that occurs just beneath the surface of your skin. Lipomas are doughy in texture and grow slowly over time. Treatment for lipomas usually isn’t necessary. However, if yours continue to grow in size or they become painful, you might benefit from surgical removal.


Warts are tough, fleshy bumps that usually form on the palms of the hands or soles of the feet. They occur due to human papillomavirus (HPV). Most warts respond to over-the-counter treatments and resolve on their own. Large warts or warts that cause pain may require surgical removal.


Sunspots are flat brown patches that develop on your skin. They form as a result of exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Sunspots vary in shape, size, and location. Anyone can get sunspots, but they’re especially common in people age 40 and older.

What are some common skin care treatments?

The experienced providers at Fernando Bueso, M.D., P.A. and Francisco J. Bueso, M.D. offer several types of skin care treatment, including:

Skin biopsy

A skin biopsy is an in-office procedure used to diagnose skin cancer or another medical condition. Your provider performs a skin biopsy under local anesthesia, ensuring you experience no pain. You receive the results of your biopsy within 4-10 days.

Lesion removal

Lesion removal is a quick outpatient surgery. Prior to lesion removal, your provider cleans your skin and administers a local anesthetic. Once the anesthetic sets in, they surgically remove the wart, lipoma, or mole. Lesion removal usually takes less than an hour.

Skin tag removal

Skin tag removal is a quick, outpatient surgery performed under local anesthesia. During treatment, your provider uses a scalpel or surgical scissors to remove one or several skin tags. 

Schedule a skin care appointment at Fernando Bueso, M.D., P.A. and Francisco J. Bueso, M.D. today. Call the office and speak with a friendly staff member or book a consultation online.